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Computer Cable Testers

Network and phone cables need to be fully operational for them to connect to devices and the Internet. A network cable test set allows you to check for a variety of problems and isolate the issue to a particular point in the network. These devices facilitate repairs and reduce the amount of time that it takes in order to troubleshoot and repair the cabling.

What are the features of computer cable testers?
  • Light emitting diode indicators: Light emitting diode indicators on the hand piece of the test kits show the voltage, mode of operation, and level of resistance. Some of the kits also have a screen with a liquid crystal display that shows the voltage in the wire that you are checking.
  • Keypad functionality: Test kits for networks have keypads that operate with just the push of your finger. They have buttons that can be used to control the method of the test, the mode, units, and which port to send the signal through.
  • Multiple ports: Cable testers are available with two or more ports to check for network or wire problems at different points in your LAN or in a particular device.
What are the types of computer cable testers?
  • Ethernet: Testers for Ethernet network cables check for faults in the wires between the routers, servers, computers, and voice over internet protocol phones. These testers can be set up to test multiple types of network cable connections, including Ethernet Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6.
  • Coaxial: Testers are also available to check for faults and short-circuits in coaxial cables for networking a local area network, or LAN. The cable tester is also used for testing the installation parameters of the LAN to ensure that the setup was done correctly. The testers check for resistance in direct current applied to the cables. These sets often come with crimping tools and wire snips that you can use for making the necessary repairs after troubleshooting.
  • USB: Signal testing may be performed on USB ports or with USB devices in order to check attenuation of the signal at one or more frequencies.
What tests do cable testers perform?

There are several functions that a tester for computer cables can perform. There are two phases to most of the tests for network, Ethernet, and telephone cables. The first method of test is a continuity test. Current goes through the wire connection. If the receiving end gets a current that you can measure, the connection is assumed to be good. If no current can be measured, the connection has a fault. The second type of test is a resistance test. A known level of current is passed through the cables. The voltage is measured at the other end. If the voltage is lower, resistance is present. Most testing for networking systems is done with low-voltage testers.

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