Collectible Vintage Greeting Cards

Collectible Vintage Greeting Cards

Vintage Greeting cards from the past invoke peaceful images, such as landscapes, churches, animals, flowers, and nostalgia. Many greeting cards are highly rendered illustration; foil and gold on greeting cards as well as embossing can be part of a vintage card or Christmas card. Greeting cards can be sent or framed, and the sentiment may be ideal for a gift of the card itself.

What kind of vintage Christmas greeting cards are there?

Christmas cards that are of vintage origin are often beautifully illustrated. Since the image of Santa has changed over the years, a vintage Christmas card might depict him as thin with a long white beard, not very merry. By 1881, Thomas Nast had portrayed St. Nick as a jolly fellow in Harpers Weekly. This rendering later influenced greeting card artists in their depiction of the rotund Santa Clause with red coat and white fur as the ultimate seasonal image for greeting cards.A vintage Christmas card with St. Nick image was known to brighten the day for many children. Some of the Santa images from vintage Christmas cards include:

  • European Old St. Nick with long beard and robe
  • Thomas Nast cartoon Jolly Santa
  • Haddon Sundblom merry Coca-Cola Santa (popular on Christmas cards)
Are Victorian greeting cards still being collected today?

Yes, there are many beautiful Victorian cards that have found homes with collectors. Some cards have both die-cut and embossing. Cupids and angels might adorn them. Snow scenes were also popular Victorian images.

What was the process used to make vintage greeting cards?

Die-cut greeting cards were very common. During the 1950s and 1960s abundant die-cut holiday Valentines Day cards were sent, especially by children to their schoolmates. Pop-out and fold-out cards were also part of unique holiday designs. Embossing greeting cards was a very popular method of making the art stand out. The addition of gold and silver foil was also used extensively for holiday cards.

What can you do with a vintage holiday card?

If the vintage greeting card has been used and already contains a signed greeting, you can easily mat and frame it to make a cherished gift. A double-mat and frame brings out the art of the card. Some vintage greeting cards can be used as centerpieces on a table; they are ideal for bringing the past into a present Valentines Day party celebration. You can also add a photos to Christmas cards to make them relevant to the present.

Why choose holiday cards or Christmas cards that are vintage?

Vintage greeting cards bring a simpler time into the present and make ideal photo gifts or collectible Christmas cards; Retro cards might show the innocence of a cherub for valentines cards or for a Christmas holiday. Photo Christmas cards that are unique are remembered long after Christmas, as a cherished keepsake photo. In fact, holiday greeting cards can be a bright point during the busy season between Christmas and Valentines Day. Choose Christmas vintage retro invitations for your next seasonal party. Vintage holiday cards, such as vintage Christmas cards can be saved and passed on.