Collectible Cross Fountain Pens

Collectible Cross Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are a more ergonomic writing utensil option. They come in a variety of styles and designs that allow writers to creatively express themselves and show their personal aesthetic.

What types of fountain pens are there?

There are a wide variety of fountain pens to choose from. They not only differ in appearance, but material as well. The type of materials used to build fountain pens affects their weight and the way they feel in the writers hands. Gold, sterling silver, steel, and regular silver are among the options from which to choose. A gold-plated collectible fountain pen will have a heavier weight than other pen options. So if you like the feeling of a heavy pen, gold is one option. If you prefer a lighter material, consider a silver or steel writing utensil.

What is the Cross fountain pen brand?

Cross is considered to be a collectible luxury writing utensil brand. Cross products come in a wide range of colors; some common colors include blue, red, silver, pink, and white. You may also pick from a wide array of fountain pens with graphic designs. Some of the pens are even designed after fictional characters, like the Cross Townsend Star Wars Stormtrooper fountain pen. Vintage options are available if you want to be reminded of another time period while you write. Vintage Cross pens often reflect the era in which they were designed, adding another level of appeal to the pen. Cross also includes unique engraved designs on most of its pens, and most of their products include the small engraved brand "CROSS." Ink cartridges for these pens are also available in an array of options, including red, purple, and of course blue and black.

What specifications should you keep in mind?

While weight and material are two important considerations, you may want to examine other features before making a final decision. Is the pens nib a fine point, medium point, or thick point? Depending on how often you write, you may want to select a model that comes with replacement ink cartridges to have them handy when you need a new ink cartridge. The type of ink and the ink color will affect what your penmanship looks like. Cross often provides details on the quality and color of ink included, as well as what type of ink you will need when you are ready to buy new ink cartridges. Some people enjoy choosing fountain collectible pens in 18 karat plating to give their luxury fountain selection a look that matches the style. Other features to consider include the following:

  • What is the pens size?
  • What is it made out of? What karat weight is it?
  • Is the nib measurement appropriate for what you want to achieve?
  • Do you like the way it feels when you hold it?
  • What type of ink is included?
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