Collectible Aurora Fountain Pens

Collectible Aurora Fountain Pens

If you intend to enter into the world of calligraphy or you want to use a premium writing option in your professional life, then purchasing a good set of fountain pens is worth it. A good collectible pen will provide delicate lines and is designed to make calligraphy easier. Collectible Aurora fountain pens are also designed to be intricate; many of them feature barrels with gold filigree and accompanying ink bottles.

Do vintage Aurora fountain pens come in cases?

The nib tips on your fountain pen need to be protected, and as a result, many of the fountain pen products produced by Aurora come with a protective case. These cases are usually intricate and have a specially designed seating for the particular fountain pen that it comes with.

What are some of the models of Aurora?

With a history that spans for almost a century, vintage fountain pens from Aurora include several lines of pen products. Some of the company’s fountain pen models include the Aurora Optima, the Aurora Ipsilon, the Aurora 88, the Aurora Hastil Briarwood, and the Aurora Optima Auroloide. Writing with each of these fountain pens are designed for different types of calligraphy: thick lines, thin lines, and so on. The barrels of each fountain pen is designed to fit different hand sizes, as well. Examples are the Aurora Optima Auroloide O Sole Mio which offers a 14k solid gold nib and the Aurora 88 Flex Chrome Limited Edition which offers a 14k fine flex nib.

Are these fountain pens considered limited edition collector’s items?

Many fountain pens from Aurora’s catalog are released as a limited edition. These include vintage fountain pen models from eras past, Aurora fountain pen models that have truly premium constructions, and fountain pens with a limited release like the Optima series. Each of these fountain pen models is fully functional but are often valued due to their limited edition nature. An example is the Aurora Optima Fine Flex Light Blue Resin which offers just 330 pens worldwide.

How long has Aurora been making writing implements?

Aurora, as a company, has been making intricate models of fountain pens since 1919. The company still makes their lines of fountain pen models in the same factory that they began their history. The nib tips that are used on fountain pens are all well-made, and as a result of the company’s fountain pen styling, models like the Ipsilon and the Aurora Optima Auroloide are coveted.

Are Aurora fountain pen models refillable?

Since these vintage pen products provide a uniform distribution of ink on paper, it’s important that each is also refillable. When it’s time to refill, there are more than a few retailers that sell new inkwells for your Aurora nib.

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