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Clinique Makeup

Clinique is an established beauty, fragrance, and skin care brand that produces many makeup products. Clinique has makeup for the skin, lips, and eyes, and it also has a lot of great brushes and tools to apply the makeup. The brand even offers beauty products that help to heal acne and keep your face oil-free.

How do you pick the right Clinique foundation?

Since Clinique is also a skin care brand, it is famous for its moisturizer foundations. Clinique also makes makeup broad spectrum SPF 15 to protect you from harsh UV rays. To find the perfect oil-free Clinique foundation, follow these steps.

  • Decide on the makeup type: Powder and cream options are both easy to apply but liquids are long-lasting.
  • Think about your skin needs: Clinique has many different types of products that address common beauty issues. Its Even Better foundation contains makeup broad spectrum SPF 15 to prevent sun damage while its Acne Solutions option helps to heal acne. You can also find products with concealer or color corrector included.
  • Determine your color family: Clinique divides its products into four color families based on level of darkness.
  • Find your shade: Look at your undertones to find your perfect shade. Clinique offers choices for people with cool, warm, or neutral skin.
What are the differences among Clinique lipstick types?

Clinique's lip products come in many colors and a few key formulations.

  • Lipstick: Clinique's formulas for lip products are known for being well-pigmented and moisturizing.
  • Lip Gloss: These sheer colors are less intense, and they provide a glossy finish.
  • Lip Balm: Clinique's lip balms help to moisturize the lips while adding a tint of color.
Can you get Clinique makeup in sets?

Clinique's sets often include several types or colors to get you started. These beauty kits are suitable for those who have a wardrobe with many unique colors. Clinique makeup sets often include lip products, eye products, and skin products.

  • Lip kits: A Clinique lip kit typically has a lot of different shades, so you have a lip product for every outfit.
  • Eye kits: In addition to different eye shadow shades, this type of Clinique eye set also includes mascara and eyeliner.
  • Face kits: With these Clinique beauty sets, you can clean your face, apply base cream foundations, use fun contouring kits, and conceal blemishes.
  • Inclusive kits: Use this type of kit to do your entire face. Clinique all-inclusive kits contain foundation, eyeshadow, lip products, and blush.