Christmas Tree Collectible 1990-1999 Time Period Manufactured Toppers

Christmas Tree Toppers

When youre getting the decorations to put on your Christmas tree, a tree topper is a holiday ornament that can add beauty and shine. It brings all of the ornaments together and completes the look of your tree. Before getting just any kind of tree topper, consider the options available and how to choose the right one for your Christmas tree.

How do you choose the right tree topper?

When you look at your Christmas tree, there is often a space on the top for a topper. When youre deciding on the kind of tree topper decorations to use, think about the other ornaments that are on the tree. You should also consider the shape of the Christmas tree as this can impact the other decorations and ornaments that are used with the Christmas tree topper.

Examine the height of the Christmas tree and the distance that you have between the top and the ceiling. Dont get a Christmas tree topper that is too tall because it can get bent. You also want to consider the weight of the tree topper. Some are very heavy and can bend the top branches if there isnt enough support from the Christmas tree.

What are some ideas for tree toppers?

  • Angels: An angel is one of the most common tree toppers that youll find. There are elegant designs that are several years old and modern angels with glitter and gold. Many angels have white or gold wings and a ceramic face. Some of them hold candles that are made of wood, wax or plastic.
  • Stars: Another popular type of tree topper is the star. Most of the stars that you see are decorated with glitter or are gold so that they shine when the lights of the Christmas tree are on. A star Christmas tree topper comes in a variety of sizes and comes in contemporary colors to add a modern touch to the tree.
  • Santa: The Christmas holiday isnt the same without Santa. You can find older designs with elegant clothing and modern designs of Santa with his traditional red suit and white beard.

How do you place a tree topper?

When youve found the Christmas tree topper that you like as well as the other snowflake or angel decorations for the tree, you can begin thinking about how to place the topper. A standard Christmas tree topper will require you to bend the top of the tree in some way so that there is a base for the topper to stand. A Christmas tree topper with a spring, such as a star tree topper, is placed by putting some of the branches between the coils. If you have a Christmas tree topper with ribbon, all you have to do is tie it on the strongest part of the top of the tree.