Christmas Garlands (1991-Now)

Christmas Garlands

The holiday season grows closer as the days pass. As it grows closer, people cant help but to mentally plan out how they will dress their Christmas tree this year with all of the many decorative options available. Nothing sparkles quite like a beautiful Christmas tree covered in silver bells, multicolored lights, ornaments, beads, and garlands.

What is a Christmas garland?

Garland is usually a decorative cord or wreath that can be hung on objects during Christmas or other holidays to add color and festive flair to an otherwise plain object. It can also be draped around the neck of a person or an animal as additional decoration for a festive costume. As a Christmas decoration, it is commonly wrapped around a Christmas tree in multiple layers to add sparkle, color, and volume. Some common colors of garland include:

  • green
  • red
  • white
  • silver
  • gold

What are the different types of garland?

This popular ornament is available in many different forms, lengths, styles, and materials.

  • Flowers: The original Christmas ornament, cords of flowers can be used as Christmas decoration to bring a sense of natural beauty to your tree and your home.
  • Evergreen Boughs: This type of Christmas tree dressing can be used to give the tree more volume. Sometimes artificial trees can be barren between branches. Evergreen ornaments match the color of the tree and allow you to fill in the gaps to make it appear more natural.
  • Beads: Cords of multicolored beads can be used to decorate your Christmas tree. These cords of beads can be bought at a local department store or can be handmade at home. Crafting handmade cords of Christmas beads is a traditional holiday family activity. To ensure the cords of beads are themed properly for Christmas, purchase beads that are silver, red, green, gold, shaped like stars, or shaped like angels.
  • Candy: Some families will sit down with their children to thread needle and cord through pieces of candy, popcorn, or other malleable finger foods to create their own unique type of Christmas tree dressing.
  • Tinsel: This is the most popular form of the garland. Pieces of colored metallic tinsel are attached to a string using stitches or glue to secure them as a cord for use as dazzling Christmas tree decor.

What are the ways in which you can use garland as a decoration?

As Christmas ornaments, these different cords of beads, tinsel, and evergreen are very versatile. They can be used as decor in many ways, in multiple areas of your home.

  • Tree: Christmas trees are the most common recipient of cords and ornaments. You can even choose to execute a Christmas theme with your tree, toggling between two or three different colors of ornaments and lights, or keeping with one single color to compliment the tree.
  • Home: Beads, evergreen, and tinsel cords are best used to dress your home. This can include posts, railings, furniture, doorways, and more.
  • Outdoor: Evergreen cords with red velvet bows and silver bells are very common outdoor ornaments, especially on fences, porches, and light posts.