Chef's Knives

Chefs Knife

A reliable chefs knife is an essential tool in the kitchen whether youre a professional chef or a home cook. Its a versatile knife thats used for everything from cutting, slicing, mincing, to chopping fruits, vegetables, and meat. However, the average person may not be able to tell the difference between a quality chef knife and a subpar one.

How do you choose the correct chefs knife

Youll often find a chef knife included in cutlery sets, but this can be misleading, as one knife doesnt fit all. A common way to choose the right knife is to refer back to the kitchen knife you were using previously. Figure out what aspects of the knife that you liked and what you didnt like. This will allow you to find a new chef knife that suits your needs.

For example, you may find that the size is a little too big for your hands. If youve been using a 10-inch knife, the classic eight-inch chef knife may be a better fit for you. You may want something slim and light to make it easy for you to maneuver with it. Upon cutting, you may find that the balance of the knife is important to you and may want a knife with a weight that is evenly distributed throughout the blade rather than the front or the back.

Most quality chef knives are forged from stainless steel and are sharp right out of the box. They should feel comfortable on your hands and should slice through objects without much pressure.

What features do you look for in a chefs knife

Youll find that one of the differences between kitchen knives is the handle. Some kitchen knives have the blade set into it while others are full tang which means its full length is embedded into the handle. Youll often see full-tang knives given extra security in the handle with rivets. This feature is often advertised more often than knives which have the blade set into the handle.

This is only the case if youre planning on using your knife for a long time. The handle will only start to come loose after many years of use. Youll also find that some high quality knives are one whole steel piece. These knives are usually crafted for professionals that are looking for the best knife thats available.

What kitchen knife brands are well-known?

There are many go-to knife brands that are preferred by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Wusthof is a well-known brand founded in Solingen, Germany. Wusthof has a reputation for durable, reliable, and high quality knives. The Wusthof Classic is a knife thats found in many chef kitchens around the world.

Another popular brand that is comparable to Wusthof is Zwilling J.A. Henckels. Henckels is highly regarded by professional chefs for their craftsmanship and quality of materials. They are also known for lasting many years and while its on the higher end pricewise, Henckels are often viewed as a great investment.

Some other consumer brands include Victorinox and Messermeister. Victorinox is known for their Swiss Army knives and produce highly reviewed kitchen knives as well. Messtermeister is another German brand that produces high-end forged-wood handled knives. Japanese knives are another consideration if you want more precision and a top-of-the-line product.