Cheese Knives and Spreaders

Cheese Knives and Spreaders

Cheese knives and spreaders are specifically designed for cutting, serving, and spreading a variety of different types of cheese. You can find cheese knives and spreaders from a number of brands including Boston Warehouse, Mud Pie, Nambe, Cambridge, and Pampered Chef to name a few. They can also be found in a variety of materials including silicone, brass, ceramic, acrylic, aluminum, and wood.

What is the difference between spreaders and a cheese knife?

Spreaders do just that: they spread soft to semi-soft cheeses. They often come in even-numbered matching sets. They are used in addition to a cheese knife, not as a replacement. They can also be used to spread other dips or sauces. Cheese knives are used for cutting, presenting, and serving. They range from sharp and long to short and thick. Some have small holes along the blade to prevent sticking. The holes also help the piece stay in an attractive shape. Some soft cheese knives can double as spreaders.

How do you know which cheese knife set to get?

The sets range from mother-of-pearl inlay to a theme of a football team. There are simpler sets with three knives, and complex sets with six to eight different tools.

  • Handle – Most variations among knife sets are in the handle. They can be wood, plastic, metal, or a variety of materials. Wood and stainless steel are the most common.
  • Blade material – Stainless steel is the classic cheese knife material. Silver or gold plated, ceramic, and aluminum can also be found.
  • Theme – You can find Holiday specific sets are available as well as themes for weddings, anniversaries, and numerous other occasions.
What is the difference between the various cheese knives?

There are several variations for soft and hard cheeses. Here are some common knives and their intended use.

  • Pronged knife – This multipurpose cheese knife can cut soft and semi-hard cheeses. The pointed tips can be used to spear pieces for serving.
  • Open blade knife – These are used for soft cheeses, especially sticky ones such as brie.
  • Spreading knife – These resemble a large butter knife. They cut and spread soft cheeses. This cheese knife is used when not presenting, but spreading it right away.
  • Spade knife – This type is for cutting hard cheeses into wedges. The tip is also useful for stabbing the pieces for serving.
  • Chisel knife – This type is for hard or crumbly cheese. It works to cut larger pieces into more manageable sizes.
  • Narrow blade knife – This type is used for hard and cheeses that are more difficult to cut.