Wall Charger for BlackBerry Q10 Buyer's Guide

Your phone is one of your gateways to the world. When you go to send a text or make a call, you want to be sure your phone is functioning. Having a good wall charger for your BlackBerry Q10 is essential.

What chargers will fit your device?

Not all chargers will work with a BlackBerry Q10. A BlackBerry Q10 requires a specific type of charger. Most micro USB chargers will fit with your Q10. To be sure a micro USB charger will fit, check its listed product specifications.

Are there multiple socket USB chargers?

Yes. There are certain types of chargers that feature multiple USB ports. These USB cables can be useful for charging many devices at once.

How many amps should your charger deliver?

There are a few different amplification and wattage specifications that will work for a BlackBerry Q10. Generally, you will want to remain in a range between 2.5 watts of power (5 volts at 500 mA) and 5 watts (5 volts at 1000 mA) of electrical output. The higher the wattage, the faster your phone will charge. It is important to keep in mind that a charger that delivers too high a voltage output can damage your device's battery. Do not charge a cellular device with anything that delivers more than 10 watts (5.1 volts at 1000 mA) of electricity.

How do you properly use your charger?

You may be surprised how many device owners accidentally damage the batteries of their devices by improper charger use. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are using your charger correctly.

  • Charge when power is low - It is a good idea to charge your phone when it is low on power, rather than letting it go all the way down to nothing. If your battery power is low and you do not have your charger on hand or an electrical socket available, shut it off until you can charge it. This will help your phone's battery last longer.
  • Clean your input jacks - It is important to clean the jacks of your phone out. Dust and grime can cause your charger to connect improperly and may break your charging jack or port over time.
  • Avoid overcharging - Leaving your phone plugged in after it is done charging is not a good habit to get into. Though with newer phones damage will usually not occur, constant overcharging causes unnecessary wear on the charging components of your device.
  • Choose reliable electrical sockets - Charging your phone using a broken electrical socket is a bad idea. This can overload or short out both your phone and charger.
  • Check for damage - Check your charger for damage from time to time. Sometimes cords can become cut, ripped, or generally worn down. This is especially true for the connecting area directly under the male USB end of your wall charger. It can become bent and worn with constant use, causing a poor connection. A broken or torn wire can also cause electrical shortages that can be damaging or dangerous. Never use a charger that has been ripped, chewed, corroded by liquid, or otherwise damaged.
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