Help Choosing a Cell Phone Keypad for Sony Ericsson

The keyboard or pad is an integral part of your Sony Ericsson phone that allows you to interface with the device and activate its various functions as needed. Because the keys on a keypad are mechanical, they may be subject to wear over time. If you need to replace the keypad your device uses, understanding what types there are, how to choose one, how to install it, and how to care for it may help you narrow your search.

What types of keypads for cell phones are there?

A cell phone keypad performs the same basic function as a regular keyboard. As opposed to a full QWERTY keyboard, a keypad is set up with a series of digits in rows of three. Some keypad varieties you may find during your search include:

  • Standard: These pads have a standard layout of four rows with three keys in each row. The digits 1-9 take up the first three rows, with the star sign, zero digit, and pound sign taking up the last row.
  • Language: You may be able to find and install a keypad in the foreign language of your choice. This will allow you to type and send texts in a foreign language. The number keys will appear similar, but they will correspond to different letters in the foreign alphabet.
How do you replace a phone keypad?

Your current keypad may have taken damage from a fall. An impact with a hard surface can disturb the internal circuitry of the device, which may make it harder for the keypad to register when you are applying pressure to a button. Excessive moisture that has entered your keyboard might also cause the circuits to malfunction. In either case, you may wish to replace the pad to restore functionality to your phone. While the precise steps for doing so can vary from model to model, you may be able to use the guidelines below:

  • Remove the faceplate: Taking the faceplate off will allow you to access the keypad.
  • Remove the screws: Take out what screws you can find and set them aside for later.
  • Separate the parts: In the following order, separate the speaker housing, screen housing, screen, and keypad membrane.
  • Insert the new pad: Install a new membrane or keypad and put the phone back together.
How do you choose a phone keypad?

You may find the following broad categories helpful in choosing a new keypad for your needs:

  • Choose a color: Choose a color that suits your preferences, such as black, orange, pink, or silver.
  • Choose a model: Check to make sure the model of pad you choose is compatible with your mobile phone.
  • Choose a setup: Choose a pad with the layout, languages, and features you prefer.