Cell Phone Parts and Assembly Kits

A variety of different cell phone ear speakers for the iPhone 6 are available for purchase in a range of different colors and styles. The products feature a variety of different parts, including home buttons, speaker meshes, and earpieces. The phones supported by the products include both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

What are some of the colors available for purchase?

The colors available feature a variety of solid colors, including white, black, and gold. Certain models may feature several different colors for the same product. One listing of an LCD touch screen with a digitizer display for the iPhone 6 Plus comes in white, black, and gold, although some products are only available in a single color. Whether a product is available in multiple colors varies between individual listings. You may also find models that offer products supported with varying features in multiple colors.

What are the different parts included?

There are a variety of parts included with each kit offered that serve different purposes, including button and volume functionality. Speakers and home buttons are among the parts offered in product listings. The availability of certain parts is contingent upon the specific product listed. Some listings include more parts and options than others may offer in their packages. Additional items included in the collections are listed below:

  • Camera lens
  • LCD screen
  • Screen digitizer
  • Assembly kit
  • Frame
Are there buying options for specific parts?

The listings available either include specific parts or do not. You may find some listings that may or may not include the home button and camera lens with the purchase. In addition, other listings may list the option to include or not include an assembly kit for parts such as speakers with the product. The availability of these types of buying options varies on an individual product basis.

Are different phone models compatible with products offered?

There are several phone models that are compatible with the suite of products offered in this collection. A range of different iPhones that are compatible with some of the listings include the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 7, and 8, but not all of the products listed are compatible with each of the phone models listed. Certain listings are only available in plus sizes while others are only available in smaller sizes.

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