Chargers and Cradles for iPhone 4

When it comes to selecting cables, cradles, and adapters to charge your iPhone 4, there is a number of suitable options available. The style of charger or cradle selected will depend on particular needs for charging or data transfer. There are a number of choices to keep your iPhone 4's battery full and ready for use.

What is an iPhone-to-USB cord?

This USB cord is a power adapter that can be used to charge an Apple iPhone or iPad battery. This type of adapter cable has two different kinds of connections on it. The first end contains the Apple connection, which is for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod product. The other end contains the USB connection, which can be used to connect to the USB port on a computer or to a wall charger, such as the Apple USB Power Adapter.

Are all the iPhone chargers the same?

Chargers from the Apple iPhone 4 series and older are not compatible with the later models. However, a charger from the iPhone 5 series or later is compatible with any Apple device made in that series or later. All such devices use the Lightning connection to charge the battery on your Apple product and sync the device.

What are some reasons an iPhone 4 may not charge?

If your iPhone 4 suddenly stops charging, one of the first steps to take is try using a new charger cord for the phone. Although there are many possible causes of this problem, another is lint or dust inside the iPhone's charging port. To check for this issue, follow these steps:

  • Find an old, clean toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Hold the iPhone or iPad with its cable port facing down and away from you.
  • Using gentle brush strokes, sweep out the inside of the cable port.
  • With a few hard and fast breaths, blow out the inside of the port.
  • If the iPhone or iPad still will not charge, try a different cable.
What's the difference between the iPhone 4 and 5 chargers?

The main difference is in the size of the input piece on the iPhone side of the charger. iPhone 4 and older chargers make use of a wide, 30-pin connector cable to charge the battery. Chargers for the iPhone 5 and later use another design by Apple are known as a Lightning connector. This type of connection is much smaller, containing only 8 pins. While iPhone 4 is a previous generation of the Apple product, 30-pin charging cables as well as cradles for your iPhone 4 or 4s are still available.

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