Understanding Your Options for iPhone 6 Card Pocket Cases.

Though your clothes may be equipped with plenty of pockets, that doesn't mean they actually look good when they have something in them. Figuring out how to minimize what you carry with you can help you have more empty pockets and fewer things to remember when you head out the door for work or leisure. Storing the cards that you carry with you in your iPhone 6 case is one way to do that.

What types of card cases are available?

The card pocket case for iPhone 6 phones are as varied as the people who buy them. Here are a few characteristics to consider as you select a case:

  • Hard or soft - Hard cases come with a hard outer shell and typically have some type of sliding door to provide access to your items. Soft cases have a soft outer shell with a hard inner shell and typically have slots sewn inside for credit cards or even cash, more like a traditional wallet.
  • Foldable or kickstand - If you need to utilize your phone hands-free, credit card cases generally utilize one of two options. Soft cases typically fold to form a stand to allow you to use your phone hands-free. Hard cases typically utilize some type of "kickstand" for the same purpose.
  • Number of items - It's important to consider how many cards you utilize on a regular basis that you'll need to store in your new case. Ensure you get a case that is rated to hold the number of items you have and maintain a slim look.
How do you use a card pocket case?

If you carry a lot of items in your wallet or purse, the thought of condensing all of that down to a phone case may seem difficult. Here are a few tips to help you with the process:

  • Watch yourself - Keep track of the items you actually use during a typical week and set those items aside for inclusion in your new wallet.
  • Simplify - Though cards such as dental insurance cards and club memberships are important, if you don't use them regularly, you can likely leave them at home.
  • Provide excess - If you don't think you'll be able to simplify enough, look for a case for your iPhone 6 that provides an extra large slot to put unexpected items.
How do you care for this type of case?

Proper care of your phone case is crucial for both the case and your iPhone 6. Here are a few tips to properly maintain your case:

  • Clean it - Dust that gets trapped between your case and your phone could cause scratches on your phone. Take the time to occasionally remove the case and thoroughly clean out all dust and debris.
  • Protect it - Some cases are made of materials that need to be protected to help them maintain their appearance. For example, if your case is made of leather, make sure to protect it using a leather protection product that might be used with a wallet.
  • Inspect it - Check your case regularly to ensure the holder area is in good condition to help your cards stay secure.