Finding Replacement Cell Phone Buttons

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 uses an extensive array of buttons. You must know how to manage the QWERTY keyboard on the phone to make it work.

Review the Main Buttons

The top part of the device features a basic series of buttons that include the traditional green and red buttons to start and end calls. A basic menu key and a return button can also be found on the bottom part of the screen. The main square box in the middle lets the user move back to the main screen on the phone.

Check the Keypad

The extensive QWERTY keypad provides you with a simplified way to send messages. You would have to move the main touchscreen up to reveal the pad. The keypad is designed to work as a replacement to the regular touchscreen pad you would find on the video screen. Check to see which buttons need attention.

How Are the Buttons Replaced?

You can replace the buttons on the BlackBerry device, but you would have to follow the appropriate steps to help you with the process:

  • The case on the device, the battery, and the SIM card would have to be removed at the start.
  • All the screws keeping the phone together should be removed. A T6 Torx screwdriver should be utilized at this point.
  • A spudger or other plastic opening tool should be utilized when removing the plastic parts around the phone.
  • You would also have to remove the motherboard from the phone to get access to the keypad.
  • The keyboard should be a little easier to access at this point. You would have to push the keypad outward from the phone to make it work.
  • You must be certain that smartphone is handled carefully so you do not break apart any wires. Be aware of which screws go into the phone as you remove them.

Can You Use Any Keypad With This Device?

Although the operating system works with many similar keypads, you are better off finding a Torch button setup that works specifically with the Torch 9800 in mind. This ensures that your keypad can fit the unique layout of the cell phone.

Is the Touchscreen Replaceable?

The phone has a trackpad feature that makes it easier for you to control certain apps, particularly the web browser. The screen can also be replaced if needed. Having a new keyboard and screen on the smartphone is always a good idea to consider.

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