Protect Your Sony Xperia Z3 with a New Cell Phone Battery Cover

A variety of cell phone back and battery covers are available for Sony products. Products offered feature several different colors in their designs and cover the entire back panel of the items that they protect. In addition, a range of options may be available for purchase with regards to compatibility and design.

What are some of the aesthetic designs available?

The back covers available feature several different aesthetic characteristics marked by different color and text combinations. Battery covers feature several different solid colored designs, with some including a mixture of colors. Outlines of a different color from the primary back cover body are used for the camera lens on several of the products available. Text and graphic designs are found on some of the battery covers. Some of the back covers feature a carrier name, while others feature the brand and model of the product the case is designed to hold. Select cases may feature a combination of those. Product specifications such as camera capabilities can be found on some of the cases. Text color differs from the color of the case body.

Battery cover colors include these colors and more:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple
Do products have any options for purchase?

Yes, some products offer compatibility with multiple phone model types. The availability of cross-functional product compatibility and color options varies on an individual product basis. Several of the designs may only have a singular option available for purchase.

Do cases come with adhesive?

Yes, several of the battery covers that are available include an adhesive that is designed to help the back cover stick to the phone. Adhesives that already come on the cases are covered with a protective film that is pulled off to attach the cover to the phone. There are tabs, which enable users to identify where the film should be pulled off from. Adhesive can also be purchased separately for some of the covers.

Is there anything needed to install the cases?

Yes, some of the cases that are available may require a set of tools for installation. Select listings may offer the tools needed as part of the product package. Other listings may not include the tools that are needed for installation. The tools that are required for installation are specific to individual products.

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