Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Released in 2012, cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cell phones provide added protection for your device. In addition to standard colors like black and white, there is a spectrum of other colors and designs. Cases and covers are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses, giving you the option to choose the protection that matches your lifestyle.

What types of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases are available?

Consider these options when choosing cases and covers for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

  • Flip case: This type of Note 3 case has a thin cover that flips open to give access to your screen. Flip cases are frequently used because of their stylish design. Those who want a screen protector typically like picking this type of case as well. Flip-style cases are available in several materials, including leather, silicone, and rigid plastic. They can either flip open from the side or from the bottom, depending on the case.
  • Wallet case: This type of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case keeps your Galaxy Note 3 and wallet together in the same case. It's good for convenience because your wallet and phone can fit neatly in one pocket. Many wallet cases have a stylish flip design with plenty of space for storing cards and cash while remaining thin. You can also find these cases with a stand feature. Some have a design that makes it a suitable replacement for a purse.
  • Hybrid case: Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 3 covers are made of hard and soft plastic. They usually have the soft layer on the inside to cradle the smartphone and protect it if it falls. The outer layer of hard plastic absorbs most of the shock from falls and helps prevent the phone from slipping out of your hands. Some hybrid cases have a third layer made of soft plastic or plastic padding at the corners of the cover and some Samsung hybrid cases include a kickstand.
What is the difference between cases and covers?

While browsing cases and covers for your Note 3, you'll probably wonder what the difference is between cases and covers. A case is usually a hard covering for your smartphone whereas a cover is typically soft. Some people use the terms interchangeably. If protecting your Note 3 from damage is the main concern, you can find protective features such as padding in the product description. Other materials that can protect your phone includes hard plastic, rubber, and silicone. You can also find cases solely for aesthetic purposes.

What is a Samsung Galaxy skin?

A skin is a thin cover that fits tightly onto your Galaxy Note 3, meaning your Samsung phone keeps a slimmer feel. They provide some protection from scratches and dirt as well. Some skins come with free wallpaper downloads for your device. Samsung skins are available in many different colors and designs, allowing you to find the right match for your style. You can even find metallic and glossy skins for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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