Estuches, fundas y cubiertas para para iPhone 6s Plus

Cases, Covers & Skins for iPhone 6s Plus

Cases for the iPhone 6s Plus vary in color and style. Components differ with regard to each specific type of case. Cleaning a Plus case regularly can eliminate dirt and dust.

What kinds of covers, cases, and skins are available?

Skins, wallet cases, battery cases, hybrid cases, bumper, 3D, clip, flip, sleeve, wrap, and wristlet cases are available to store the iPhone 6s Plus:

  • Skins are ultra-thin Plus cases that fit flat to the back of the phone. They often sit flush with the front edge of the phone so as not to increase the size of the device. Skins come in a wide variety of colors and finishes.
  • Wallet cases are often made from leather or neutral material. In a folio shape, the case has room for the iPhone to sit and covers the entire back, one side, and the front when closed. The case flips open to expose the front of the phone.
  • Battery cases include either battery chargers or extra battery packs so that the iPhone 6s Plus's charge lasts for a longer amount of time at once.
  • Bumper cases have edges that extend well past the front of the phone in order to protect the screen. Some bumper edges round over the sides of the phone for protection at the device's edges.
  • 3D cases feature design elements that are touchable and extend past the case itself. Buttons, knobs, gemstones, or patterns may be different three-dimensional elements on an iPhone 6s Plus case.
  • Clip cases include clips on the back that can fasten to a belt, clothing, or a bag.
  • Flip cases cover the front of the phone and flip open to expose the screen for use.
  • Sleeves serve different purposes, including total waterproofing, attaching to belt loops, and attaching to arms for workout purposes.
  • Wrap cases encase the entire phone, with clear plastic on the front and hard, durable material on the back and sides. The clear elements are thin enough that all of the phone's features can be used while it is encased entirely.
  • Wristlet cases fasten or zip around the entire phone and feature a strap that fits around the wrist. Different closure mechanisms include snaps, buttons, and zippers.
How do you care for an iPhone 6s Plus cover?

Cleaning an iPhone 6s Plus cover regularly can help to eliminate dust and dirt. Remove the case from the phone before attempting to clean it. Use a damp, clean cloth dipped in warm water to wipe down the case. It is likely that any stains or spills will be removed simply by being wiped with warm water. Dry the case thoroughly before replacing the phone back into the case.

What materials are covers, cases, and skins made from?

Different types of iPhone cases include materials such as hard plastics, synthetics, silicone, metal, and softer plastic. Shock-absorbing cases typically feature hard plastic with a layer of softer material underneath. Waterproof cases utilize different types of plastic together to create seals. Decorative 3D cases may also include embellishments like glitter, sequins, or shimmer.