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Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins for Samsung Galaxy S8

Cases and skins can keep the screen of your Android smartphone protected while also adding some style to the device that highlights your personality. Cell phone cases, covers, and skins for Samsung Galaxy S8 Android phones are available in a wide array of colors that include blue, black, and silver. They can also be equipped with a large number of features that include a screen protector, belt clip, kickstand, and card pocket.

What are the different case and cover styles available?
  • Bumper case: This is a type of case cover that is designed mainly to fit onto the edges of the device. In some bumper cases, there is no backing to the case.
  • Flip case: This is a hard plastic case that opens up to reveal the smartphone, which means that both the back and front of the Samsung S8 are enclosed by the case when it is snapped shut.
  • Hybrid case: This is a type of case that comes equipped with two layers that are situated over the screen. The first layer of this case comes in a rigid plastic for a hard surface while the second layer is comprised of rubber or silicone.
  • Fitted case: This is a type of case that attaches to the back of the S8 and is thin in nature. It has small openings to make way for the camera, fingerprint scanner, and the device insignia with some models.
  • Wallet case: This type of case is designed to appear in a wallet form. The device is slotted inside the case and can be enclosed with a magnetic clip that is situated on the back of the case and folds over to the front. These particular cases can be equipped with a variety of pockets and are usually made from leather.
Which materials are these Samsung Galaxy S8 cases made from?
  • Leather: This is a material that is made from the hides of cattle and similar animals. Once it is taken through a tanning process, it can be made into skins and cases, particularly wallet cases.
  • Carbon fiber: This is a hard material that is comprised of thin filaments of carbon. It is lightweight and is typically used as the backing of fitted cases.
  • Silicone: This is a type of synthetic material that comes with characteristics of both plastic and rubber. When used in hybrid cases, it has a malleable texture and is usually placed below a layer of rigid plastic.
  • Rigid plastic: This is a type of plastic that is made without any flexibility to it. It is a hard material that is used mainly for hybrid cases.
What are some of the designs and finishes available?

Smartphone cases are available in a wide array of different designs and finishes, from glossy and metallic finishes to jeweled and matte finishes. Some of the additional designs include transparent, plain, patterned, and pictorial. Most cases are designed not to cover the microSD slot or the charging slot.