Teléfono celular de Bolsillo Tarjeta Billetera casos para el iPhone 7

Cell Phone Wallet Cases with Card Pocket for iPhone 7

As an alternative to carrying a wallet and a phone, wallet cases allow users to condense the number of valuables to one portable wallet case. The purpose of wallet cases is to provide storage for ID, cards, and monetary bills as well as space for your mobile phone. There are many cell phone wallet cases with card pocket for iPhone 7 styles and colors to choose from to fit the users personality or preferences, including solid colors like black or patterns.

What is the iPhone 7 case for?

A wallet case for iPhone 7 is designed specifically for the model to provide an alternative to carrying a wallet in addition to the phone. There are a few styles of wallet cases, including one that slips around the phone with an optional three pockets for sliding in a single card and a bill slot for money, with another style being a large pocket behind the phone that includes accordion pockets for change and other small items.

What materials are used for the iPhone 7 case?

All casing is not made of one material entirely, but the main categories of material for each case include:

  • Leather: Mostly leather with the exception of a silicone or plastic wallet case that locks the phone to the case that attaches to the wallet. The leather wallet case holds multiple cards and usually comes in dark or black colors.
  • Synthetic leather: Mostly synthetic leather with the exception of a silicone or plastic case that locks the device to the case that attaches to the leather wallet and holds multiple cards. It also comes in black but is also offered in many other colors.
  • Silicone/Gel/Rubber: Many wallet cases made of silicone are for holding a credit card in the back of a single case. It is a sliding panel in the back of the case instead of a full-sized wallet. Gel wallet cases are frequently clear or light colored.
  • Rigid plastic: Similar to silicon and gel cases, a rigid plastic mainly holds a card in the back of a sliding panel behind the device.
Does the case block the view of the camera?

An iPhone 7 case mostly comes with the case along with a hardback case for the device. The hardback cover has a magnetic strip that keeps the case attached to the wallet portion and also has inserts to keep either the front or back camera from being blocked, along with any other components such as the phones mic or speaker. The hardback cover enables the user to be able to use the iPhone 7 at any time without the wallet portion while keeping the device protected with an iPhone 7 case.

Can a screen protector be used with an iPhone 7 case?

A screen protector can be used with a wallet case. The case that fits on the device covers the back portion of the iPhone and the sides with a screen protector fitting on the top of the iPhone 7 case for screen protection.