Viseras para automóviles y camiones, deflectores de viento y Bug

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Car and Truck Shields and Deflectors

This collection of bug shields and deflectors for cars and trucks are not only aesthetic additions to any vehicle, but they also protect against bugs that gum up windshields and against rocks and other debris. Available to fit numerous makes and models of cars and trucks, this collection is made to endure, crafted from top-quality materials. From low-profile to bold and decorative models, find the bug shield meant for your car or truck and install it for your enhanced convenience and safety.

What are automotive bug shields and deflectors?

This collection of bug shields is aerodynamically designed to manage your car or trucks airflow in directing bugs, rocks, and more away from your windshield to protect itself and you. Made from durable materials, the bug shields take the brunt of the items you encounter on the road. It is also easier to replace the shields than windshields. With a great selection of colors and designs, the bug shields can complement the vehicles appearance while providing quality protection.

How are bug shields and deflectors mounted?

Automotive bug shields and deflectors are mounted on vehicles using either double-sided tape or screws to secure them. Carefully read the details of any bug shield you are interested in to see it is method of installation.

Bug deflectors that use screws for attachment are shaped to use a sleeve that tucks under the hood or have brackets that do. This ensures the holes in the brackets line up with the preexisting ones where the grille or hood molding is secured. Then you would remove the trimming, secure the deflector in its place, and then securely put everything back in its proper place.

Bug deflectors that are secured with tape use 3M automotive-grade, double-sided foam tape. Strong, durable, and able to withstand changing temperatures, the tape makes installing bug deflectors an easy task with its peel-off backing.

What are low-profile shields?

Low-profile shields, sometimes called off-the-hood bug deflectors, match the vehicles design so that they blend in. Fitting tightly to the hood, they appear to be additional detailing. Although some cars have lower hood lines that make them vulnerable to damage from flying rocks and debris, bug shields help reduce that hazard. They are designed for both cars and trucks of all makes, models, and years to minimize damage not only to the paint but also to the windshield.

What are standard shields?

Standard bug deflectors are prominent and noticeable. They are set further away from the hood with a strong, visible angle. Consider standard bug shields if you live in warmer climates where bugs are bigger to provide protection for your vehicle.