Car & Truck Splash GUARDS & Guardabarros

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Car and truck splash guard and mud flaps

Splash guards or mud flaps are used to shield vehicles from mud and water. They are installed on all types of vehicles. Mud flaps come in different designs and styles, and certain factors should be considered before choosing a specific product.

What are the different types of splash guards?

There is a wide variety of mud flaps on the market, and each has its design and pattern. These mud flaps include:

  • Universal fit flaps: These can be attached to many types of cars. They are commonly used with small passenger vehicles. Universal fit mud flaps are also frequently used in pickup trucks and SUVs. These mud flaps come in different designs, and you should choose one the matches your aesthetic.
  • Non-drill flaps: These splash guards work well if you do not want your car to be drilled for installation of the accessory.
  • Custom molded flaps: These are made to fit specific models, make, and year of certain cars. You can choose the color you prefer and can also decide to add a logo. These splash guards can add aesthetics to your car because you can decide on the specific design you want.
What should you consider when buying splash guards?
  • Material: The mud flap should be made of heavy-duty rubber and designed to hang loosely under the car. There are some which are made of plastic. The material used to make the mud flap should be flexible and capable of absorbing the impact of flying materials.
  • Fit: Splash guards are made with different fits, designs, and modes, depending on the type of car you own. When buying the right splash guard, you need to ensure that you are buying one that fits your car.
  • Features: These products can be made with additional features like Anti-Sail or Rain Master.
  • Design: Mud flaps can have single, double, or triple bar designs. You can also get a full design. Your choice of design will mainly be based on the size of the mud flap.
  • Weight: This is an important thing to consider as it will affect the overall performance of your car. If your mudguard is heavy, it is going to ensure that water, mud, and other debris are stopped from hitting the tire. There are splash guards that have metal embellishments added to increase weight and enhance stability.
  • Style: Installing mudguards is a way to add flair to your car. There are different designs and model specifications you can choose. You do not have to get customized products in order to complete your style; the market is full of other well-designed mud flaps.