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Floor Mats and Carpets for Mercedes-Benz

Your Mercedes-Benz car comes standard with a set of floor mats to protect the floor of your vehicle. However, over time and through normal wear and tear, you may find it necessary to replace the mats as they become damaged, dirty, or worn out. You may also wish to change the style of the mats in your vehicle to give your Mercedes-Benz a different interior look.

What floor mat options are available for your Mercedes-Benz?

There are a wide variety of Mercedes-Benz floor mats available to suit both your sense of style and your lifestyle. Floor mats help to protect the interior floor of your Mercedes-Benz. They can be easily cleaned and replaced, and they keep the floorboards looking new when you are ready to resell or trade in.

  • Rubber: Rubber floor mats provide ample protection for your Mercedes-Benz’s floorboards. These are a good option if you live in an area where there is a lot of mud or snow that you may be tracking into your vehicle. This material is durable and very easy to clean. These usually feature grooves and ridges to collect dirt and keep it off the floorboard. Rubber mats are usually available in neutral or black.
  • Carpet: If you are looking for something plush, this will likely be the option you want to choose. Carpets give your Mercedes a warm feeling in the interior. This material is also easy to clean and can easily be replaced when the time comes. Carpet floor mats come in many colors and can add a stylish element to your vehicle.

How do you replace the floor mats in your Mercedes?

Replacing the floor mats in your Mercedes requires very little technical know-how. You will simply remove the old liners and install the new ones. There will often be a velcro patch on the bottom that will affix to your floor and keep the covers securely in place.

How do you clean floor mats for your Mercedes-Benz?

Floor mats are easy to clean. Your approach will be dependent on the material and the type of mess you are cleaning up.

  • All-weather: For a quick clean of your all-weather floor covers, you can vacuum them. If there is a spill, simply wipe it up with a wet washcloth. For a full clean, simply take out the covers and wash them with soap and water. Make sure you allow them to dry before returning them to your car.
  • Carpet: Carpet can easily be cleaned by vacuuming. You can also remove it from the car and beat it against a hard surface to loosen any dirt or sand. You may also want to use a carpet-grade stain remover to remove any stains. Once the carpets are clean, spray on an upholstery protector to ward off future stains.