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Car and Truck Air Conditioning and Heater Parts

Automotive air conditioning parts and heating components can keep temperatures inside trucks and cars comfortable in hot summers and cold winters. Blower motors and compressors are necessary parts, as well as relays, refrigerant, temperature sensors, and valves, switches, and gaskets. Complete air conditioner systems are available for cars and trucks, and you can also find specific equipment and parts for climate control in a wide range of makes and models.

What parts can truck air conditioning systems need?

Not all truck or car air conditioning systems need completely new assemblies or compressor kits to improve performance. Other automotive parts in addition to a compressor, condenser, or evaporator that can improve climate control performance include low-pressure switches, the AC clutch, blower motors, hoses, and gaskets. Wiring and fuses may also be replaced. Low refrigerant levels can lead to the system blowing hot air.

  • Wiring harnesses control the AC clutch and compressor operation.
  • Low refrigerant resulting from leaks in hoses and connectors can be replaced.
  • The clutch-cycling switch controls compressor operation and may need replacement if faulty.
  • The condenser or evaporator that cools the air may be blocked or faulty and need replacement.
What are OEM AC replacement kits for trucks and cars?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) kits are auto parts manufactured by the same brand that made your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are not made by the name brand but are made to meet brand requirements. A complete AC compressor, evaporator and components kit, whether regular or heavy duty, should include a new liquid line, AC compressor, receiver/dryer, compressor oil, and new O Rings. The air conditioner kit should be inspected and may also come with a partial or full warranty.

What do blower motor replacements include?

A compressor, condenser, or evaporator can be in perfect working order and the heating system working properly, but the air-conditioning system still may not blow hot or cold. That’s because blower motors need to work properly for heating and air conditioning to be effective. A blower motor kit will be vehicle specific and typically includes a fan, resistor, and connectors.

What control knobs and assemblies are available?

If replacement knobs or dash assemblies are needed, you can find OEM or aftermarket vehicle-specific knobs, control panels, and dash-button decals. Decals can replace worn symbols or plastic on working buttons and knobs. Dial-knob sets are available, along with complete, heavy-duty dash replacement kits.