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Canon Driver and Utility Software

Whether you're working with a scanner or printer, Canon driver and utility software is designed to help your operating system interface with your Canon peripheral device. Canon produces many different types of office equipment, so different products are designed to be compatible with each other.

How do you read Canon library CDs?

Canon wrote all of its driver data to CD-ROM devices using the CDFS format. This format is also known as ISO 9660. Some of the Canon discs designed for Macintosh machines also feature HFS software. This is so that System 7 and higher can load programs from Canon. Canon CDs are compatible with a majority of devices that have optical drives. If necessary, you could also make use of an external drive. Canon selected the CDFS system software because it would help many consumers install Canon Solutions.

How do you configure scanners and cameras using Canon diskettes?

Canon includes driver diskettes with certain models of cameras, scanners, and other imaging equipment. In order for these devices to interface with your Windows computer, just insert the first CanoScan driver diskette into a compatible diskette drive installed on your desktop. You should find a Canon icon in the root directory. Select the Canon icon or type the name of the object on the Windows command line. The CanoScan driver will walk you through the configuration process. It will tell you when to insert the other Canon diskettes. If you insert them out of order, the CanoScan driver will tell you which Canon diskette to select instead.

Can you replace lost Canon driver discs?

Find the model number for your scanner or printer, usually on the bottom or back of the device or in the user manual. You can often find a replacement Canon disc using this number. Depending on your computer desktop hardware and what version of Windows you're using, you might instead opt to find replacement Canon diskettes, also called floppy disks. All Canon diskettes should contain the same version of the software that the Canon discs feature for the same model device.

How do you use Canon discs with a Linux system?

You might find a "CANON" directory inside the /media/user directory when you insert your Canon CD. Most Linux distributions treat this name as case sensitive, so Canon might be written in all uppercase letters as shown.

What Canon printers have software installed?

All Canon PostScript printers feature the basic typefaces needed to reproduce documents that adhere to this basic typesetting standard. If Windows doesn't recognize your Canon product, then you can insert a Canon install CD into your optical drive to force the Windows Control Panel to see your machine. Canon Solutions discs will automatically update your driver to the current version if possible. The same goes for the Canon Solutions driver CD that comes with all of their scanners.

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