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Canon CD Driver and Utility Software

Canon hardware and peripherals require a special piece of software, called a driver, in order to communicate with your computer. Many of Canon's products are also designed to work with special utility programs that can expand and enhance the functions they perform. You can make sure you're getting the most out of your Canon products by using the official drivers and utility applications.

What does a driver do?

A driver is a simple, but important, piece of software that facilitates communication between hardware and the computer itself. All hardware found both inside and outside of your computer needs this bit of code in order to work. Hard drives, mice, graphics cards, printers, and keyboards all require this critical bridge between computer and hardware.

Drivers are commonly coded by the manufacturers of their devices, and are generally distributed to the owner of said device upon purchase. Sometimes generic drivers are granted or coded by the developers of large operating systems for compatibility. This is most common with generic video drivers or generic input/output devices like monitors, keyboards, and mice. It is usually preferable to use what is provided by the manufacturer instead of a generic one in order to take full advantage of that device's capabilities.

Why is a driver necessary for my devices to function?

A driver is required in order for a device to function. Without a driver, a device will not be able to send input from the user to the computer and vice versa. For example, printers will be unable to receive documents from the computer, and webcams won't be able to send images or video back to the operating system.

What can Canon utility software do for my devices?

This will vary from product to product. Canon develops powerful software that will help its users get more out of their printers, scanners, cameras, and more. From custom photo software to enhanced printing applications, Canon products gain a number of advantages when making full use of Canon utility software, and they are:

  • Canon printers get a number of customization options when using Canon's utility software. These options give users control over their printer's setup and print options directly from their computer. In addition, Canon printer utilities provide users with information regarding their printer directly from their PC.
  • Canon digital cameras are designed to be paired with Canon's photo utility software. From image editing and organization, to easy-to-use sharing and export features, Canon photo software lets users take control of their photography without the hassle of complicated photo editing programs.