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Protect Your Lens With Canon 52mm Lens Caps

The lens on your camera is made of fine glass that is prone to scratching. When using the camera, anything can happen, and the surface of the glass might be hit. Lens caps are created precisely for the purpose of protecting the lens on your camera from damage.

What is the purpose of a lens caps?

Lens caps are placed over the glass piece which is very sensitive to particles and damage. Even if the camera is not used, keeping the lens exposed to air may result in the lenses getting covered with dust.

What are the types of lens caps?

Canon 52mm camera lens caps come in two types: front and rear caps. The front lens cap types are divided into a couple of versions:

  • Snap-On lens cap: This type is attached to the inner ring of the lens.
  • Push-On lens cap: Fits over the lens. Appropriate for lenses that do not have a filter thread.

The rear versions are caps that are used for the rear of the device when the lens is detached. The different types are:

  • Bubble Levels: The cap is attached with twisting and locking motions on the bayonet mount of the lens.
  • Screw On: Lens with threaded mount.
  • Push On: Slide right over the camera mount.
What is the lens cap made of?

The caps for Canon are made of rugged black polypropylene or metal parts. Most of the time, the lens caps are black, but they can be another color as well. Metal parts are sometimes part of the design of these products. Some are made entirely of metal.

What are other lens accessories with the lens caps?

The protecting piece can also have a hole for a string or a string attached to it. This string can be attached to a hole on the corpus of the photo device, so the lens cap is always attached to the main device. It is easier to keep up with the small product this way to avoid losing it.

How do you find the size you need?

To purchase lens caps, you need to know the diameter of your Canon lens. For this, you won't need a ruler. The diameter is already written on the front part of the rim. It might be inside or outside the rim. You should find the number that is written out behind a circle sign with a dash going through it. The number is the millimeter measurement that you will need in order to purchase a lens cap.

If you do not see this number, use a precise ruler or a caliper. Measure the distance across the widest part of the lens through the exact middle of the circle. Start from the inner part of the rim to the other inner part of the rim. This will give you the correct number.

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