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Cactus Clothing for Men

Cactus outdoor clothing is a New Zealand based maker of fashions for women and men. They make most of their pieces at their own locally owned factories. They focus on ethical manufacturing practices and producing quality, durable items.

What types of clothing for men does Cactus make?

Cactus has a complete line of casual shorts, pants, jeans, jacket, and shirt designs. Their branded clothing includes button-downs in long and short sleeves, work shirts, and outfits that are made for the rigors of everyday life. They feature lines that include plaids, bright solid colors, and lighter tones. They carry a large line of slim fit shirts and pants. They are best-known for outdoor and heavy-duty clothes for men. They also make gaiters and packs for hunting, climbing, and biking.

How is the Cactus Mountain Jacket made?

The Cactus Mountain Jacket uses design and engineering that is similar to many of their other products. Cactus uses a proprietary WTF-3 fabric that consists of three layers specifically designed for warmth in cold weather. The collar and hood allow you to pull them up around your face and protect it from the weather. The zipper has a big pull and large teeth so that it is easy to operate even when wearing gloves. The mountain jacket is one of their more frequently selected items because it allows many options that you can adjust according to the temperature and climate. They also make a down-filled version for harsher environments.

What makes Cactus clothing so tough?

Cactus Outdoor clothing focuses on durability and takes the opportunity to add reinforcements whenever possible. The story starts with Cactus WTF-3 fabric that is tough. WTF-3 fabric is a denier nylon face with two additional layers for warmth and water protection. The cloth uses a three-layer system to keep water away from the inner layer. It also uses double layers in areas that will take strain, such as the crotch, rear seam, and underarms. Each seam is fully sealed. They include zipper flaps designed for the zipper to stay dry and not freeze in snow. This also helps the zipper to last longer by protecting it.

Can you wash Cactus outdoor clothing?

Cactus pieces with WTF-3 fabric can be washed on a warm permanent press cycle. You should use as little detergent as possible. You should also avoid fabric softeners, stain removers, and bleach. The garment can be tumble dried on low heat. They can also be ironed on low heat without the steam setting. If you close the zippers before laundering the products, they will last longer. You should not use permanent marker on the inside of your clothes.

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