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CHI Hair Care Styling Products

Whether you are wanting to maintain your healthy hair and scalp or repair dry and damaged locks, CHI hair care products have the treatments for you. While CHI is widely known for their styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers, they also make products that work both with and without their tools. CHI products can help keep your hair lustrous and healthy while giving you the styles you want.

What types of styling tools does CHI make?

CHI makes a number of hair styling tools, including:

  • Straighteners: CHI is known for their award-winning straightening tools. These ceramic flat irons are designed to give you a sleek look without the frizz and damage that other tools may cause. These flat irons heat quickly and are very effective.
  • Blow dryers: CHI's blow dryers have a low magnetic field and use negative ions to cut down on drying time. These dryers work quickly and leave your locks smooth as silk. Other blow dryers may leave hair dry and brittle, but these blow dryers are less damaging.
  • Curling irons: One of CHI's most acclaimed ceramic curling irons, the Orbit, has three different barrel options to give you different curls, from tight ringlets to loose waves.
  • Brushes and combs: CHI brushes and combs are professional-grade and designed to give you the perfect blowout. There are many options for brushes, including round, backcombing, and detangling.
What types of hair care products does CHI make?

CHI makes products such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for all textures. Some of their most prominent styling product lines include:

  • CHI Keratin: The Keratin line contains keratin to help strengthen dry, damaged, and brittle hair. Color treatments and harsh tools can often damage your normally healthy locks. Keratin shampoo and conditioner can help restore your hair to its natural beauty. Keratin Silk Infusion seals the cuticle and protects from heat and environmental damage. Keratin oil can help lock in a silk-like texture.
  • CHI Curl Preserve System: Curls are beautiful, but they can be trouble to maintain. The Curl Preserve System makes it easy with a shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for curly hair. They also offer a leave-in conditioner, which gives you even more moisture and keeps your curls smooth, not frizzy.
  • CHI Magnified Volume: Magnified Volume is perfect for locks that may seem flat and listless. It gives your hair life and bounce. The shampoo is gentle and the conditioner is light enough to not weigh you down. The hairspray keeps your coif in place without sacrificing volume.
  • CHI Infra: The Infra line is perfect for all hair types. It uses catatonic and ionic hydration interlink technology to create a natural look. Infra has shampoo, conditioner, and a strengthening treatment.
  • CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment: This line of shampoos, conditioners, and other products helps maintain your salon color.