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Business Phone Sets and Handsets

Whether you're buying phones for a small business or a larger corporation, you'll need a phone system that is rich in features and gives you the tools you need for proper communication. There are a variety of connection interfaces available as well as business phone types, allowing flexibility to meet your office's phone system needs. Take a look at the available options and see which telephone will give your company optimal efficiency.

What features are available for the business phones?

You can provide efficient communication with your customers and colleagues through available features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID. Using a multi-line system, you can transfer a customer to another employee while assisting another customer on a secondary line. These telephone features offer you the ability to keep your business running smoothly when it comes to voice communication with your customers.

What interfaces are available for the phone systems?

Depending on available phone services and companies in your area, you may be able to choose from:

  • DSL phone: Also known as RJ-11, DSL lines offer high rates of security due to having a separate network from other users. You generally don't have to perform additional wiring, which saves time.
  • Ethernet: VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol lines, are also known as RJ-45 lines. These phone systems offer flexibility for future needs and upgrades.
  • USB: Also used for VoIP, a USB phone interface plugs into your computer's USB jack, making it ideal for conference calls in offices with little space for large setups.
  • Cable: These telephone setups provide fast rates as well as multiple lines on a network, reducing bogging down during busy hours.
How many lines are available on the phones?

Depending on the model of your phone, you can find options which offer over 25 lines, ideal for the office with a large crew of service associates and a large customer base. These phones will typically be digital or VoIP due to the network needs required. You can also find simple phone systems with up to five lines, which are good for a home office or a new small business.

What brands are available for business phone systems?

Available brands of phones for your company to consider include:

  • Avaya: Avaya started offering VoIP communication systems in 2000, manufacturing phones with wireless connectivity.
  • ESI: The phone manufacturer began in 1987 and offers voice, VoIP, and Cloud-based telephone options.
  • NEC: The company began in 1898 and manufactures hybrid telephone systems as well as other electronic equipment.
  • Nortel: Parent companies of Nortel began manufacturing phone systems in 1895 and specialized in voice and digital hybrid systems.