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Bushnell Refractor Telescope

A refracting telescope is a type of optical instrument used originally in a spyglass lens and also as a scope for astronomy. The refractor telescope was used in high volumes in the second half of the 19th century. Bushnell specializes in the production of sporting and outdoor optics.

What equipment comes with the Bushnell Refractor Telescope?
  • Components for assembly of your Refractor Telescope
  • Metal easy track mount
  • Refractor aluminum tripod with adjustable height
  • Refractor Penta mirror assembly
  • Refractor Zoom eyepiece, 8mm and 15mm
  • Refractor red dot finderscope
  • Refractor accessory tray
  • 2.5x barlow
  • Three tripod bolts with wing nuts, three short accessory tray bolts with wing nuts, and three tripod leg lock screws
How do you assemble your Bushnell Refractor Telescope?
  • To assemble, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver. When you start to assemble the refractor telescope, make sure all the various parts of the telescope are taken out of the packaging. Place all of the components where you can see them. Look over the refracting telescope assembly instructions for clarity.
  • The next step in the assembly process includes setting up your refractor tripod. Extend all legs of the tripod by releasing the tension on the leg lock screws. Tighten each screw back to its initial tightness once all legs are extended.
  • You will now connect the finderscope and refractor scope to the top of the tripod. By releasing the tension of the extended bolts, you will place the mount over each tripod leg to attach the scopes. All of the wingnuts must be secured in place after attaching the tripod legs.
  • You will now attach the telescope main tube to the current assembly. Disassemble the locking nuts from the main tube. Now the screws are left bare and extended from the bottom of the main tube. The bare screws will be placed into the screw sockets of the easy track system. Once this is completed, reassemble the locking nuts back in their proper place on the telescope main tube.
  • Locate the plastic material on the underside of the finderscope. To connect the battery to the source of power, take the plastic material away from the battery. To focus the lens, activate the power source. While viewing an object through the main telescope lens adjust the red dot until everything is centered and completely in your view.
  • Bring the accessory tray and tripod together by connecting each leg of the tripod to the tray. Use the provided wingnuts and bolts to fasten them together.
  • Connect the eyepiece and take off the lens cover to begin using your refracting telescope.
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