Brass Chandeliers

When your dining room or entryway needs additional light and a focal piece to tie the interior design together, a brass chandelier could add just the right touch. Not only can a chandelier add more light, it can set the mood when visitors arrive. If you are looking for chandeliers made from brass, there are many options to choose from.

Why is brass a common material for chandeliers?

Brass chandeliers can be chosen for their durability. Brass itself has a number of beneficial qualities, including the fact that brass is anti-corrosive and long-lasting. Many antique chandeliers are made from brass for this reason. However, you can also find more contemporary or unique chandeliers made from brass.

What styles of brass chandeliers are there?

When you are looking for brass lighting, there are several different designs to choose from:

  • Contemporary: These lights are often simple in design, giving them an understated quality.
  • Rustic: For homes that have traditional decor, rustic brass lighting can help pull all of the decor in your entryway or space together without being overbearing.
  • Industrial: Polished or brushed brass lighting that is simple in design often leaves the bulbs exposed. Not only does this allow the lighting to fully illuminate the room, but it can also make the space feel lighter and brighter.
  • Antique brass: Antique brass ceiling fixtures can remind you of decades long gone. These elegant lights often have glass, crystal, or wood embellishments that lend a grand appearance.
What should you consider when looking for brass chandeliers?

When looking for polished brass chandeliers, you should consider:

  • Lighting quality: Chandeliers made from polished brass are designed first and foremost to provide lighting for a room or entryway. In general, chandeliers should be able to produce about 200 to 300 watts of light, while regular lighting such as lamps put out about 75 watts.
  • Size: Brass chandeliers come in a variety of sizes. Mini brass lighting systems can measure less than 20 inches, making them appropriate for bedrooms and dressing rooms. For small foyers or dining rooms, medium sized lights measure between 21 to 35 inches. Large fixtures for grand entryways may be 36 inches or larger.
  • Height: Elegant chandeliers need to hang at just the right height in order to properly illuminate the room while being able to be admired by visitors.
  • Style: Brass chandeliers are made in a variety of designs. Vintage or antique lights may have glass or beaded embellishments. More contemporary lights may have a minimalist appearance. Some contemporary lights may also be shaded.