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A Quick Guide to Boxing and Martial Arts Punching Bags

Boxing and martial arts punching bags help boxers hone their technique. They can be used to improve every aspect of boxing and martial arts, ranging from jabs to footwork. They are available in many varieties on eBay, and theres a new or used bag out there to suit just about every lifestyle.

What types of heavy bags are available?
  • Standard heavy bag: The classic punching bag is shaped like a cylinder, and its usually hung from a wall-mounted bracket. They are hung as opposed to freestanding. This means that they offer unique challenges, which helps boxers and martial artists improve their footwork, timing, and reflexes.
  • Uppercut heavy bag: These are similar to conventional options, but they are hung horizontally to aid uppercut practice. They tend to weigh about 50 pounds.
  • Angle heavy bag: The angled hanging bag is thicker at the top and gets thinner near the bottom. This shape is designed to help athletes practice angled punches.
  • Maize bag: These hanging bags are filled with corn, which creates a hard surface. Punches dont bounce off them, as they absorb impact. This increases the difficulty of a boxing session, making them ideal for athletes looking for a vigorous workout. They have a round shape that makes them especially good for practicing defensive maneuvers.
  • Free-standing heavy bag: The average heavy bag is hung from brackets, but people with limited space can opt for a free standing punching bag. They have heavy bases, often filled with sand, that attach to a cylindrical punching bag. These bags are great for practicing footwork.
What factors should you consider when choosing a punching bag?

When youre looking to purchase a new or pre-owned punching bag on eBay, there are various features you should consider.

  • Brand: Different brands make different quality punching bags. eBay offers choice like Adidas, Everlast, Ringside, and Title Boxing.
  • Color: Color may seem like an afterthought, but you can match it to your other boxing equipment. eBay offers colors like black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow.
  • Price: If youre on a budget, a used punching bag is often less expensive and may suit your needs.
What are they made of?

You can find punching bags made from a few different materials, such as:

  • Canvas: Canvas bags are durable and long lasting, and the heavy duty material is difficult to puncture.
  • Leather: Leather is a classic punching-bag material because this material can last for decades.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl: Vinyl options are durable and able to withstand a good fight.
How much does a punching bag weigh?

The weight of punching bags vary, and you should choose a weight that suits your size and boxing needs. The heavier the punching bag, the greater the resistance, which enables users to gain power and improve their performance. People are often advised to select a punching bag that is half their body weight.