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Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo dog food uses wholesome ingredients and real meat to provide dogs with nutritional support. The brand's food options, which range from dog treats to meat rolls, are appropriate for dogs of all sizes, weights, and breeds.

Does Blue Buffalo accommodate dogs in all life stages?

The brand makes dog food specially designed for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

  • Puppy food: The brand's dry and wet puppy options, like Life Protection Formula Puppy Grain-Free Chicken, support healthy growth. The recipes promote cognitive development, bone and muscle growth, and coat health, all of which are essential for a growing puppy.
  • Adult dog food: The brand's selection of adult dog food is designed to enhance the health and vitality of fully grown dogs. Options like Blue Adult Santa Fe Grill contain a tasty variety of real meat, fruits, and vegetables to ensure that dogs have a well-balanced diet.
  • Senior dog food: Senior dogs have special dietary needs. Senior dog options are specially formulated to ensure joint health and maintain healthy muscles and bones.
What types of dog foods are offered?

Blue Buffalo offers four basic food types:

  • Blue Buffalo dry dog food: The brand's dry dog food combines kibble with LifeSource Bits. These dry dog food options are made out of natural, healthy ingredients full of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.
  • Blue Buffalo wet food: The brand's hearty wet foods use natural recipes containing real meats like grain-free chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb. They come in a variety of flavors and textures, ranging from stews to single-serve dinners to family favorite recipes.
  • Blue Buffalo meat rolls: Pets will find it hard to resist the brand's meat rolls, which are savory food rolls infused with grain-free meats, vegetables, and fruits. They are designed to be used as toppers, full meals, or treats.
  • Blue Buffalo dog treats: The brand's range of treats includes meaty morsels, baked biscuits, and dental chews. They contain real meat and nutritious ingredients, making snack time healthy.
What are some of the product lines for pets?

Blue Buffalo has a number of product lines for pets, including:

  • Life Protection Formula (Natural): This antioxidant-rich dry food never contains wheat, soy, corn, or chicken byproducts. Healthy ingredients like lamb, fish, and chicken are paired with real fruits and vegetables.
  • Freedom (Grain-Free): This grain-free dry food is specifically designed for pets who cannot tolerate gluten.
  • Basics (LID): This line is made for dogs who need to follow a limited-ingredient diet, and it helps to reduce food sensitivities.
  • Wilderness (Meat-Rich): The Wilderness line contains plenty of pure protein and no grains.
  • Earth's Essentials (Farm-to-Table Inspired): These simple recipes for pets are inspired by farm-to-table cuisine, and they include ingredients ranging from superfoods to chicken.
  • Natural Veterinary Diet (Rx): This line, which is available exclusively through veterinarians, offers therapeutic food for pets in need of an enhanced diet.
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