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BMW Car Covers

BMW cars are among the most beloved automobiles in the world. Protect your BMW vehicle from the elements and more with a car cover. You can select a cover for outdoor or indoor use that blocks water, dirt, ultraviolet rays, and much more.

Can BMW car covers be selected by dimensions?

Yes. Measure the length, height, and width of your BMW. If you have a BMW with a retractable antenna, ensure that the cover you choose accounts for that with a patch or punch-out. When selecting car covers by size, choose a product that will fit snuggly but not too tight. If a cover fits your BMW too loosely, then wind, water, grime, and more can get to the car from the underside. A tight fit can also compromise the protective capabilities and cause elasticity and other aspects to wear out quickly.

Can car covers be selected by model?

Yes. Although most car covers are not sized for a specific BMW model such as a Z4 or Z8, the companies that make covers sell them by models in addition to vehicle dimensions. These options give you confidence that the car cover you choose is sized correctly but also appropriates for your antennas, mirrors, and other features. Many manufacturers will let you choose a car cover for your BMW based on its:

  • Year
  • Model
  • Sub-model
  • Body type
What does custom fit mean?

Companies that make car covers for BMW vehicles and other cars offer three classes: universal, semi-custom, and custom. All these products are designed to cover the full vehicle but will fit differently. Universal car covers are designed for a broad range of vehicles so that they will be the least precise match. Semi-custom car covers are made for a specific BMW series or class of car. Custom-fit car covers, on the other hand, are made precisely for your make, model, year, and so forth.

Are covers available for indoor use?

Yes. Indoor covers can range light wrappings to what are called car bags. The main feature of an indoor car cover is that it provides your BMW more breathability, which is beneficial when protecting against the elements is not a factor.

What do outdoor car covers protect against?

The covers available for your BMW protect against many different factors. Be aware of your protection needs and choose accordingly. If purchasing winter cover for a cold climate, for instance, you may need a car cover that is resistant to snow and ice. Manufacturers rate most car covers based on their ability to protect your BMW from:

  • Water and rain
  • Snow and ice
  • Dust and dirt
  • The sun and other UV rays