Automotive Safety Kits and Supplies

Automotive safety kits and supplies are products designed to keep you safe while on the open road. These products work well when you take road trips with friends or family. The right products can keep you safe when driving to work or running errands too.

What common emergency and rescue tools exist?

These common tools are designed for use during emergency situations:

  • Car window hammer: This small tool has a sharp point on one end. If your car goes underwater, you can use the sharp point to break the window glass and get out. It may have a sharp edge or area on the handle that you can use for cutting through a seat belt also.
  • Roadside lights: These lights are often one-time use lights. Others come with batteries that you can replace or recharge for future use. Youll find small sets that come with three to five lights or more. Not only will these lights help you see in the dark, but they will also increase your visibility to others.
What types of supply kits are there?

When looking at safety supply products, youll find that different kits are available. These automotive safety kits are suitable for different situations and for both work and personal vehicles. Each set comes with needed safety equipment.

  • First aid: One set that you can buy is one that comes with first aid equipment. Some of these sets come with 200 pieces or more. Youll have adhesive bandages that you can use to treat injuries in the field. These kits often come with some over-the-counter painkillers and other products too. You can treat drivers and passengers injured in auto accidents until help arrives.
  • Emergency roadside: An emergency roadside set is another option suitable for most drivers. These kits come with supplies that you can safely store in your backseat or trunk. Many have hard sides that protect the contents too. Safety equipment like flares, jumper cables, and tie-down straps come included inside.
  • Snow and winter: If you live in a cooler climate, you might prefer a set designed for use in the winter. These safety supply sets feature supplies that help you stay safe after an accident and before you get in your car. In addition to emergency blankets, youll get a can of deicer. This removes ice from your locks to help you get inside your vehicle.
What are the benefits of using cleaning supplies?

Consider investing in some cleaning products to go along with your other supplies. Automotive companies make brushes with long handles and soft bristles for cleaning. These tools help you clean your entire windshield and reach other out-of-the-way spots. This enhances your field or vision and helps you see safety hazards on the road.