Las Cámaras de Inspección de automóviles y telescopios

Auto Inspection Cams & Scopes

Depending on the state, cars and trucks may have to pass an annual inspection for safety as well as an annual emissions inspection. An inspection using a digital camera or scope can help you perform a vehicle inspection or diagnose your engine problems. Take a look at the available cameras, scopes, and accessories and see what equipment will help you perform your repairs or vehicle inspections more efficiently.

Are there different camera sizes?

Inspection cameras feature digital heads that come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3.5 mm-10 mm. If the inspection is in an extremely tight space, youll want to inspect the vehicle using the smallest scope possible. If you have ample room, you can perform the inspection using the larger heads. For increased efficiency, youll want to inspect the vehicle using the largest head size possible for your situation.

What kinds of things can you see with the camera?
  • Fluid lines: From transmission fluid to oil and brake fluid, youll be able to inspect the vehicles engine to see if there are active leaks. You can also see if the lines need to be replaced due to wear.
  • Wiring: If there are issues with the vehicles turn signals or dashboard lights, the state of the wiring may be to blame. During the inspection, watch for cut wires as well as signs of worn connections.
  • Cylinders: An inspection camera can reveal the state of a vehicles cylinder, helping you to determine if thats the issue without taking apart the engine.
  • Belts: Squealing, hesitating, and grinding are signs of a vehicles belt needing to be replaced. Your camera can show evidence of wear and tear.
  • Battery: Check the state of a vehicles battery and cables with this device, as corrosion and leaks will cause you to need a quick battery replacement.
What features are available with the inspection scopes?
  • Image quality: Cameras with a high resolution will show you detailed pictures of the part, allowing you to quickly see where the problem lies as well as rule out potential causes.
  • Lights: Most models include strong LED lights which brighten the area and help enhance the clarity of the pictures.
  • Display: See the image on your inspection tools display for instant feedback. Youll want a screen that is large enough to see the image while being small enough for portability.
  • Digital transfer: On some models, when the vehicle inspection is complete you can quickly and easily save your images to an SD card. This gives you the ability to safely store the data as well as transfer it to a computer.