Audi Window Motors and Parts

New Audi vehicles come equipped with power windows to make the driving experience more convenient. When you are looking to purchase new window motors and parts for an Audi to replace faulty ones, make sure to get the appropriate parts for your model and year.

What are power window motors used for?

Power window motors and regulators are mechanical systems that incorporate an electric motor component, which responds to the push of a button or switch on the interior door panel of your Audi. They replaced manual crankshafts years ago and have since added a new level of driver utility and convenience. The majority of modern Audi models utilize electrically powered window motors.

How do Audi window regulators and motors work?

It can be helpful to understand the basic way that these regulators operate before making a purchase. Essentially, the window motor mechanism relies on electrically powered gears that turn and work in unison to provide linear motion, which opens the glass windows that they are attached to.

Why do power window motors sometimes stop working in Audis?

Understanding whats stopped your Audis windows from working will help you decide which motor parts you may need. There are quite a few reasons that these complex little motors may stop working.

  • The teeth on the gears may wear down over time, thus stopping them from being able to turn smoothly in unison. In this case, purchase a new kit of gears.
  • The small mechanical components of a regulator may simply wear out over time. This can happen in Audi vehicles that rely on an electrically powered window motor.
  • Dirt, debris, or water that gets into a windows motor may attribute to a decline in functionality or cause its failure. The entire motor may need to be replaced.
  • Occasionally, the alternator may be damaged or wear out and require replacement.
What are some common Audi power window motor parts?

It can be good to get an idea of what components are available for your Audi. Having backup parts can be especially helpful if you plan on customizing your vehicle or repairing an older Audi model; there are many OEM parts available for your Audi.

  • Window switches: These switches may need new electronic components or plastic casings.
  • OEM aftermarket components: These parts are great for tuner cars or upgrading from the manufacturers parts in your Audi.
  • Window regulators: This is one of the most commonly replaced components on an Audi window.
  • Passenger, or drivers side parts: Components may be designed specifically for either the driver or passenger sides.
  • Window regulator repair clips: These plastic clips are another useful component that you may want to have on hand.
  • Rivets: Rivets are short metal pins that hold together two plates of metal. They can wear down and require replacement over time, especially in older Audi models.