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Yellow Cases and Covers to Protect Your Apple Products

A variety of yellow covers are available for Apple products. The products offered feature different aesthetic designs and levels of protection. Materials of construction vary between the different products offered as well, ensuring your peace of mind next time you drop your phone on a solid surface.

What are some of the designs offered?

The products offered vary on an individual basis in their designs. Certain listings may feature solid-colored backings while others feature graphics. In addition to colors, there may be inclusion of imagery and cartoon designs. Some of the cases offered feature the use of some other colors in their aesthetics. The name of the product that the case is designed to protect may be featured on the lower half of the products in some instances. The color of the text may differ from the primary color of the product. Finishes on the cases vary and include both gloss and matte. Some of the different patterns featured on the back of covers offered include:

  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Brand logos
  • Floral patterns
What are some of the materials of construction used?

The accessory covers offered feature several different construction mediums with different levels of protection. Leather products are available in select listings. Leather products feature one-piece designs with beveled edges and raised sections on the sides to indicate the location of the volume buttons.

In addition, silicone covers are also offered. These products also feature one-piece designs. In some cases, there may be holes on the back of the product, enabling users to see part of the backing of the equipment the case holds. Plastic is also used to construct select products.

What are some of the protective features offered?

Products offered have a range of protective features for the purpose of handling different shocks and environmental hazards. The protective features of individual listings varies from item to item. Some of the protective features offered in the collection of products include water resistance, shock resistance, and multiple layers. Products that feature water resistance have designs that emphasize tight seals to prevent foreign substances from entering. Beveled edges are included in products for the purpose of screen protection upon drops.

In addition, covers may also feature dirt and snow resistance. Cases featuring multiple layers may use more than one material of construction for the inner and outer layers. Select products also feature screen protectors or wrist straps as an accessory. The availability of a multi-layered product in a specific design varies between individual listings.