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How to Select a Case or Cover for Your iPhone 6 Plus

Whether you are about to head out of town on vacation or are going off to college, pairing your phone with a case, skin, or cover may help you keep the device protected while also personalizing it. These cases are available to be selected in a variety of materials that include aluminum, rigid plastic, leather, and carbon fiber. These cases can also come in a variety of themes that include holiday themes and sports themes.

How do you select a iPhone 6 Plus case?

Several factors can affect the decision you make regarding a cover or case for your Apple device, including:

  • Color: The many available colors that you can select include red, blue, silver, and black. Some of these cases also come in multiple colors with such combinations as white and red and blue and silver.
  • Design and finish: These cases can be chosen in a variety of designs and finishes, the most prominent of which include matte and metallic finishes. Some additional finishes you can select include jeweled and glossy. The available designs extend from pictorial and patterned to plain and transparent.
  • Material: You can select from materials like leather, suede, rigid plastic, silicone, and cork. Different types of cases are comprised of different materials.
  • Preferred type: The types of available cases include 3D cases, bumper cases, flip cases, hybrid cases, and fitted cases.
What are some of the features available with these cases?

These cases can come with such features as kickstands and card pockets, the latter of which you can use when you need additional pockets for business cards or a library card. A number of these cases are outfitted with screen protectors that slot over the phone display. Some of the additional features that you can select with these cases include built-in selfie sticks, projectors, and external photo lenses. There are also a variety of closure types with these cases, including belt loops, clips, straps, and zippers.

What are the different case types available to select?

Multiple types of cases are available for your Apple iPhone model, whether it is an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6s Plus, such as:

  • Hybrid case: This is a type of case that is comprised of two layers, the top of which comes in rigid plastic and the bottom of which consists of silicone, a type of synthetic rubber. Both of these layers are situated on top of the phone display.
  • Fitted case: This is a type of thin case that is meant to be situated directly around the back and sides of the device. It will snap onto the phone and can come in a variety of different designs and color options.
  • Wallet case: This is a type of case that comes in a wallet design where the phone is placed on the right side while the left side folds over the phone and is strapped shut.
  • Bumper case: This is a type of case that comes without any backing and is meant to cover the edges of whichever device you are using. These cases also come with a raised edge design.
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