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How Do I Choose a Good CD Changer for my Car?

A CD changer, by definition, is a CD player that holds many discs at once. A car CD changer, in most cases, is a separate unit that works in conjunction with the factory radio. With a CD changer, you can play up to six CDs back-to-back and it automatically switches to the next disc. What's more, you can add a subwoofer and an amplifier to your factory stereo to improve your sound without giving up your familiar factory controls.

What Are the Different Types of CD Changers?

Basically, there are two types of CD changers, an FM modulated changer or Remote unit and a standard changer, also known as In-dash changer. These types of CD changers are available as OEM equipment as well as aftermarket upgrades.

  • FM modulated changer/ Remote unit: This requires an LCD and a wireless remote to work with the factory radio since it has no built-in CD controls. If your car originally had a CD changer as an option, then you can use an adapter or a factory unit to add an aftermarket unit.
  • Standard/In-dash changer: This directly connects to the head unit by a special cable through which it gets its power and control commands to be able to work with the rest of the audio system. It is relatively simple to operate as you only need to feed in one CD after another until the changer is full. With an In-dash changer, there's no extra wiring necessary or remote unit to mount in the trunk or under a seat.

What Alpine Car CD Changer Do I Need?

Getting the right CD changer for your car is not as simple as it may sound, however, Alpine has a couple of options, one of which should be perfect for you:

  • Add-on changer: If you're driving a classic car or a leased car, you might be reluctant to swap out the factory stereo for a new in-dash receiver, however, you can get a Universal Add-on CD changer since it works with all FM car stereos, so you can move it to your next vehicle.
  • Receiver/Changer Combo: If you have an aftermarket radio and are thinking of adding a CD changer to it, then a changer combo could be your next option. These CD changers have superior performance with the ability to re-install them back in your next car.
  • Factory Integration: Alpine offers CD changers for factory systems and adapters that you can use to connect your changer to the factory stereo. With these, you get to retain the function of your factory radio for full digital sound quality. CD changers of this kind are for specific vehicles.

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