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Alpha Industries Coats and Jackets for Men

Alpha Industries is a brand that makes flight, field, parka, utility, leather, and military spec jackets. Each type of jacket is engineered differently to reflect different uses or purposes. Silhouettes vary based on the specific garment and pockets, closures, collars, and seaming depending on the particular coat.

What types of flight and field coats are available?

  • Most flight designs, also called bomber designs, are constructed with a mock-neck or low-profile hood design. The front features a zippered open and closure, with two front pockets mirroring the front zipper. Flight designs such as the MA-1 feature different colors, patterns, and materials, but the silhouette remains largely the same. Some include a shiny finish while others are matte. Most flight or bomber designs also have a ribbed lining at the hem to cinch the garment in toward the body.
  • Field jackets are typically cut longer than flight designs. With a looser, less structured hem, they have a boxier feel. Zip and drawstring pockets are common embellishments at different points on the garment. Lapel collars and hoods are both utilized in field jacket construction, depending on the particular garment style. Materials range from solids to patterns and include some varieties of military camouflage.

What types of parka and leather designs are options?

  • Parkas are built for warmth. They come in several different lengths and colors, some with lapel collars and others with hoods trimmed in fur. Parkas often feature ribbed hems and cuffs in order to secure the garment to the body. Snap, zipper, and drawstring closures are all options within this type of design.
  • Leather designs vary in length, embellishments, closures, and collars. Some utilize black leather while others are made from brown. Sheepskin or other fluffy material is utilized in some linings and collars. Some styles zip closed while others use toggles and loops. Pockets on some designs are zip-closure, while others are front kangaroo design and others are completely vertical.

What are some features of utility and military spec designs?

  • Utility designs include v-neck, lapelled, and hooded options. Most utility designs feature embroidering in a criss-cross pattern that secures lining inside the entire garment. Pockets exist on all designs of utility jacket; some feature closures while others remain open. Most designs include ribbed cuffs that include elastic.
  • Military spec designs are available in several types of flight jackets of varying weights. Garments come in a standard green with zip closure, lapel, front pockets, and ribbed cuffs and hem.

What sizes of mens jackets are available?

Most Alpha Industries men’s jackets and coats are available in extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, 2XL, and 3XL. See manufacturer site for details. Some designs may be available in smaller or larger sizes, depending on the particular design. Jacket sizes may be affected by the number of layers to be worn under each style.

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