Choose A Dog Shock Training Collar

When selecting a shock-training collar for your dog, it is important to take into consideration the size of the dog and the range of the device. If you live in a rural area or have a dog that likes to run, a long-distance collar might be needed. The collars you can find on eBay usually have several levels of shock, vibration, or sounds.

Are shock collars useful for dog training?

Many owners use the collars for correction. Correcting is a form of teaching, and it can make training quicker when combined with traditional commands. To train a dog with the collar, get them used to wearing it at first, and practice in a safe, enclosed area.

One training technique to teach a dog to stop pulling on a leash is to give the lowest level of pulsation or sound when the dog begins to pull, and when they stop pulling, immediately stop the correcting treatments. If the dog does not associate the actions with the sound or pulsing, you may need to increase to the next level. Follow manufacturer's recommendations for all training.

What are the correction modes?

Individual companies will have varying degrees of shock, tones, or vibrations, but some common styles are:

  • Warning tones: These beeps or tones get the dog's attention. After some training with the collars, your pet may understand the warning sounds mean something is not correct, and they will stop moving and look to you for guidance.
  • Vibration: The next level is to vibrate or pulsate the electronic box.
  • Shock: Shocking can be similar to a static shock. Many will deliver various levels of shock.
  • Combination: You may be able to combine warning sounds with the other treatments on some of the devices.
Can you use a shock collar on a small dog?

There are electronic shock collars designed specifically for smaller breeds. The label may suggest the weight of the animal, such as 5 pounds and over. Check the size to make sure it can adjust small enough to fit your dog's neck. The electronic box is compact and lightweight.

What should you look for in pre-owned electronic collars?

When selecting a pre-owned shock-style collar, check the appearance of the material. It should be clean and not frayed. All of the components, such as recharging cords, receivers, remote controls, and instructions, should come with the product. There may also be a carrying case. If not complete, the item might be reduced or reasonably priced.