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Actron Automotive Code Readers and Scanners

When youre vehicles malfunction indicator lamp lights up to show you that there is some sort of trouble brewing under the hood, you can get a jump on the issue with a scanner or a code reader. An Actron automotive scan tool can obtain information from your automobiles computer to help you to determine the source of the problem. The information provided can help you to find the right starting point to complete your own repairs, and depending whether you choose a reader or scanner, can give you detailed information about the performance of your vehicle.

Whats the difference between a scanner and a code reader?

Generally speaking, a reader will simply display an alphanumeric response for trouble codes. You will need to write down these responses so that you can look them up. These responses may not pinpoint an exact issues, but can lead you to a place to begin your search for the source of the problem. A scanner can provide you with more information from the autos computer and may even provide you with live data regarding the operation of your vehicle. Each alphanumeric code is typically followed with additional details.

How do you use a diagnostic code scanner?

These diagnostic tools are quite easy to use. With OBD II standardization that began in 1996, these readers can be used on nearly all automobiles. For earlier models that do not have the OBD II standardization, you will need to follow the manufacturers directions for your specific code reader.

  1. You will need to locate your autos diagnostic link connector under the dash, then plug in the unit.
  2. Turn the ignition switch over to provide power without starting the vehicle.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the screen. You may be required to provide answers to certain questions before proceeding.
  4. After selecting from various options, you can run your scan. Be sure to write down all of the necessary data provided so that you can have the info available later.
  5. Some of these tools give you the option to erase the display to turn off the troubling display light. Which is sometimes necessary after a repair.
What type of diagnostic tools are available from Actron?

Actron offers devices that work with older models using the OBD I system, and those that work with models since 1996 that use the OBD II system. Some of the choices are:

  • Autoscanner
  • U-scan
  • Pocketscan