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Factors to Consider When Selecting AT&T Car Cellphone Chargers

Your cellphone and other mobile devices are usually a very important part of your daily routine. When you're traveling or away from the place where you usually charge your devices, having a good charger minimizes the chances of your electronics running out of battery power at the wrong time. AT&T offers a variety of chargers to consider.

What kinds of car chargers are there?

These are different types of chargers that may work well in your vehicle:

  • USB chargers.
  • Lighter-outlet chargers.
  • Battery-pack chargers.
What are USB car chargers?

These chargers attach to the vehicle's power source via a USB port. USB chargers are small gadgets that plug your phone or other mobile device directly into a square power outlet. This kind of charger can also plug into a car's cigarette lighter, using an adapter. These devices are designed to charge electronics quickly using a specified amperage output and wattage. Many are configured to help avoid overloading a battery so the battery life can be extended.

What are multiple-socket USB chargers?

Some chargers contain multiple sockets and plug ports. These can be helpful if you need to power multiple phones or are traveling with a companion who may also need to charge a device.

Will these chargers work for all devices?

Not all chargers are created equally. In many cases, a charger is designed to deliver a certain amount of power to a device within a specified time frame. Different electronic configurations require different amps from their charger. The most commonly used chargers for mobile devices like cellphones are 2.1 mAh or 2.4 mAh chargers. Using a charger rated lower than this could result in charging your device very slowly. Using a charger with a wattage output that is too high could damage your device's battery or electronics.

How do you determine what wattage you need?

It is important that you are using the correct charger so as to provide adequate charge and not damage your device's battery. Check the original instructions that came with your device. They should include information about the wattage you will need your charger to have. If you no longer have these instructions, check the manufacturer site for details.

Alternatively, you can look at the charger you are currently using and simply buy a car charger with the same wattage. Standard phone chargers deliver around 2.5 watts of power (5 volts at 500 mAh). You can use this as an estimate for most smartphones, although there are a few other kinds of chargers that will charge your device in less time. Stronger chargers can deliver 5 watts (5 volts at 1000 mAh) or even 10 watts (5.1 volts at 1000 mAh) and can charge your device more quickly than other chargers. Anything above this wattage should probably not be used for a mobile phone or tablet.

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