3 in 1 Strollers

How to Choose a 3-in-1 Stroller

There are many things that, as a new parent, you need to adjust to, and one of them is the desire to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with a car seat and a separate stroller, which makes a travel system an efficient solution. A baby may be a small person, but these little humans require numerous supplies to ensure their daily well-being and safety. A 3-in-1 stroller gives you everything you need to keep your tiny human mobile on a daily basis.

What Comes with a 3-in-1 Stroller?

A travel system isnt just about a stroller for your baby. These complete travel systems make hitting the road with your baby for a vacation or a trip to the store a seamless process. Getting familiar with the components of these systems makes buying one a breeze.

  • The base of the all-in-one system is the stroller itself. You can select from a traditional stroller style with four wheels, or a jogger, which has one wheel in the front and two in the rear to make jogging with your infant easier. These full-size strollers have numerous benefits and features.
  • A travel system also comes with an infant car seat. This seat can be used on its own in the car, or it can snap into the stroller for a newborn to use. You can transition a small baby from the car to the stroller with ease since you simply click the car seat into place inside the stroller. 
  • The third component is a car seat base. This is the portion that sits inside your car. You install it via your seat belt, and the car seat sits on top of the base, providing security for the seat. Since the car seat has a handle, you simply remove it from the base when you wish to secure it to the stroller or carry it on its own.

What Are Some Stroller Features?

A travel system has features that make it even more convenient to use.

  • Many baby strollers have a storage basket underneath the stroller, which makes a convenient spot to stow your diaper bag and other baby supplies. 
  • Designs that are adjustable can grow along with your baby, and some lightweight strollers transform from rear-facing to front-facing styles. Foldable options make it convenient to travel with strollers, as you can simply fold them and place them in your trunk or back seat. 
  • Travel systems are safe and comfortable for little ones. A reclining seat allows your baby to nap comfortably, and interior safety belts secure your infant with a harnessing system for added safety. Features like a sunshade keep your child safe from UV rays. 

Which Brands Make 3-in-1 Strollers?

After you select the features and type of baby stroller you desire, choosing a brand is the next step, since many brands make travel systems.

  • Graco offers a variety of lightweight travel systems such as the LiteRider and the Modes Jogger system, which offers five separate ways for your baby to travel.
  • Check Chicco for several baby-stroller selections, including the Bravo series of strollers.
  • Systems from Britax come with numerous features in a variety of styles and colors.