1:18 Scale Diecast coches, camiones y camionetas

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1:18 Scale Diecast Cars, Trucks, and Vans

Diecast cars are small-scale replicas of various makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans. These are made via a process in which molten metal is poured into a reusable mold. One size in particular in which these diecast models are available is 1:18 scale.

What kinds of cars, trucks, and vans are available?

The 1:18 diecast cars, trucks, and vans are available in various models. The following criteria are common.

  • Make and model. Plenty of cars from iconic companies like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and more are available for purchase.
  • Year. Many cars built from the early 20th century onward have been produced as smaller scale models, including 1:18 scale size. You simply need to search for and find the particular diecast make and model, such as Ford, you prefer.
  • Color. If your chosen vehicle was produced in a real-life color, such as red, chances are a diecast model exists of it. This includes special edition vehicles, though the price varies based on their exclusivity. You may also find custom colors and designs to your liking.
  • Material. While actual cars are typically built with metal or fiberglass, model requirements aren’t so limited. Iron, plastic, steel, and resin are just some of the materials you may discover while shopping for your diecast vehicle model.
What features do 1:18 scale vehicles typically have?

Specific features can vary based on the model and manufacturer, but typical functions of 1:18 scale vehicles exist regardless of price. These include working doors, hoods, and trunks; build material combination; interior detailing; and working steering wheels. Many come with stands, as well.

How do you care for 1:18 scale models?

You can take a number of steps to keep your 1:18 scale car, truck, or van safe and in shape.

  • Be careful with it. Due to the number of small and fragile parts, it’s easy to break or lose pieces of the vehicle if it is not handled with caution. Simply minding how you handle your 1:18 scale car can prevent this.
  • Keep it clean. A 1:18 scale car can gather dust easily, and if you’d rather preserve its aesthetic appeal, clean it before a film forms. Continue to be careful with it, using gentle tools like cotton cloths, feather dusters, or canned air.
  • Store it well. As with many toys and collectibles, a protective see-through case could eliminate the need to worry about cleaning and mishandling your 1:18 scale vehicle. There’s also the option to simply place it out of reach, or place a fabric cover over it when not in use. Keep the car out of direct sunlight to preserve the paint and materials.